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Carpet cleaning tips to remove oil and grease stains

Oil and grease spills are very common in many homes especially if there are kids. If you can clean it up as soon as possible you have more chances to remove the stain completely. You can follow a few easy steps: First of all try to scoop off as much of the oil or grease…

How to remove chocolate stain from your carpet

The kids’ party left you with chocolate stains on your carpet? If you can remove it as soon as possible you can get it all off without any trouble. The Woolmark Company suggests the following steps to remove chocolate stains from your wool carpet: Using a knife or a spoon scoop out excess chocolate on…

Can mattress cleaning and sanitising help to alleviate allergies?

Mattress cleaning will not cure pre-existing allergies however it will help reducing the frequency and the severity of allergies attack.   More than 80% of asthmas sufferers are allergic to house dust mites droppings therefore with the type of mattress cleaning that we offer there are very high chance to help asthma sufferers to feel…

How to get chewing gum out of carpet

The kid’s party has left you with sticky chewing gum on your precious carpet? The Woolmark Company suggests the following steps to remove chewing gum from your wool carpet. With a knife or a spoon gently remove as much gum as possible, then using a commercial spray gum remover spry the gum.  This spry is…

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