Eight mistakes to avoid when cleaning your carpet

How often have you tried cleaning up a carpet stain and then it has reappeared the day after?  This happens to millions of homeowners each year because they are not professional carpet cleaner with all the necessary knowledge.

There are several steps that can be taken in order not to damage your carpet and extend its life.

Don’t scrub your carpet stain too vigorously.  In fact, by doing so you will just push the stain deeper into the fibres and damage the fibres by untwisting them.  It is safer to use blotting motions.

Don’t waste time.  Remove the stain while it is fresh and don’t wait for it to dry.

Don’t just use anything to clean the stain but use the correct cleaning solution for the type of carpet and stain.

Don’t use too much chemical for cleaning as it will damage your carpet and build up dirt-attracting residuals.

Don’t use rental machines that are faulty or not powerful enough as these may damage your carpet by leaving behind excess cleaning solutions and may create mould and further damage.

Don’t forget to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis as it will help extending the life of your carpet.

Choosing the right professional carpet cleaner could be challenging.  Our company is ITI Certified and has over 8 year experience in both commercial and residential carpet, upholstery, mattress and tile & grout cleaning in Strathfield, NSW. 

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