Guide to choose your upholstery fibres

Modern synthetic upholstery fibres are known to be more durable than natural upholstery fabrics and they feature many possibility in colours, texture and patterns.

Some of the most popular Synthetic fibres are:

Acetate:  very resistant to shrinkage, wrinkling and mildew it looks and feels very luxurious.  It is used in blends to add softness and gloss.  Can be easily cleaned with soap and water and can be dry cleaned.  A disadvantage is that it is not resistant to solvents or abrasions.

Acrylic:  it has a very soft, woolly feel.  Can dry very quickly and it is resistant to sunlight, fading, mildew and insects.  It is used extensively in outdoor furniture.  Can be washed with water and soap or dry cleaned.  Unfortunately acrylic is not flame retardant.

Nylon:  it holds the colour well and shows a nice gloss. Very durable and resistant to abrasion, mildew, insects and wrinkling.  Can be washed or dry cleaned.  However, it has low resistance to sunlight.

Olefin:  A derived from petroleum it has the appearance of wool.  Very resistant to moisture, mildew, chemicals and abrasion.  Can be washed or dry cleaned.  A disadvantage is its sensitiveness to heat and can be damaged by sunlight if not treated properly.

Choosing the right upholstery fabric and looking after it could be challenging.  Our company is ITI Certified and has over 8 year experience in both commercial and residential, upholstery cleaning as well as carpet, mattress and tile & grout cleaning in Sydney NSW. 

Contact us today on 1300 351 982 for more information on guide to choose your upholstery fibres.

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