Mistakes you should avoid when you buy a new carpet: carpet cleaning solutions Sydney

Often when you buy a new carpet you focus on certain aspects that will not tell you if the carpet you are buying will suit your needs.

First of all don’t try to save money on the underpad: the quality of the underpad is even more important than the quality of the carpet. In fact, the underpad absorb the impact of foot traffic and saves wear and tear. Therefore, a good underpad will help adding comfort when you walk on your carpet and will help the carpet to look better for longer.

Don’t believe that carpets are the same because they look similar. In fact, there are many different aspects you should consider to determine the quality of carpets that look the same such as the type of fibre these are made off, the style and the face weight.

Don’t get tempted by a good promotion. In fact, you might come across a promotion where you get an underpad for free if you purchase a certain type of carpet but even though the promotion might be appealing the real quality of the products you are purchasing might not be as good and you may end up having to replace the whole carpet and underpad too soon.

Once you choose your carpet make sure you organise to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis so it will last you for longer. Choosing the right professional carpet cleaner could be challenging.  Our company is ITI Certified and has over 8 year experience in both commercial and residential carpet, upholstery, mattress and tile & grout cleaning in Sydney.

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