Removing Nail Polish from your carpet

Looking at your red nail polish spilled on your creamy carpet might make your heart sink very fast.  However, keep calm.  With patience and following the right steps you can remove your red nail polish without damaging your precious carpet.

First of all, while the nail polish is still wet blot up as much of the spill using dry paper towels.  Continue blotting until no further liquid is absorbed by the towel.  Then, blot up the stain by using some nail polish remover into a dry paper towel.  Keep blotting using always a clean area of the towel and until no more stain is transferred into the towel (before blotting with the nail polish remover you should test it in a corner of the carpet to ensure that this will not cause discoloration)

Once the stain has been completely removed add a couple of drops of clear dish soap to a cup of lukewarm water then blot the stain by dipping a white clean towel on the solution. Then, rinse with a small amount of cold water and blot up the excess moisture.  Finally, put a clean cloth on the treated area and cover with a heavy object so any remaining moisture will be absorbed.

If the stain cannot be completely removed you should organise for a professional carpet cleaner to fix it as soon as possible so you

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Removing Nail Polish from your carpet
Looking at your red nail polish spilled on your creamy carpet might make your heart sink very fast.
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